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Oi! Are you lookin’ for something to keep track of yer stompa, or yer big ‘umie titan-thingy?  Maybe you jus’ need somthin’ to keep track of the gobs and gobs of victory points when you play a game?  Perhaps yer da type dat likes countin’ opponents tears?

Maybe you play one of those card games, and gots lots of points to tally up?

Well, we gotz somethin’ for ya, da MEGADIAL!

Dis ‘ere thing can count wot needs countin’ from 1-99!  Dat’s way higher than most orks can count!

Wot you waitin’ fer?  Git a bunch now!

The megadial comes in three parts along with 3 magnets.  The magnets are pressure-fitted, and can be strengthened by adding a drop of super glue if necessary.


Additional information

Weight .5 oz
Face Design

Greenskin Face, Fleur di Lis, 2-headed eagle, Chaos symbol, Winged skull, Mecha cult skull, Necrotech Symbol, Blood Cult Symbol, No Design


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